Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Future of WordPress

Starting with just a simple line of code 11 years ago, WordPress has evolved to become the platform of more than 74 million websites.
Even with a vast array of competitors offering similar functionality, WordPress still dominates the CMS market with a 21.9% market share.
I have had a more detailed look at WordPress than most.
I have contributed to 6 releases of WordPress, including work in the XML-RPC API (in 3.4) and WP_Image_Editor class (in 3.5). I have also been involved in an upcoming release (3.9).
As we look toward the future of WordPress, it is important to evaluate current practices and trends within the WordPress user base, as well as the industry as a whole.
Comparison of home page
In this article, I will discuss my predictions and opinions regarding the future of WordPress.

Moving with Demands

Recently, the demand for advanced features has been increasing as more and more developers are using WordPress to build mobile apps and complex e-commerce websites.
While WordPress already delivers many solutions for advanced use-cases, changes in consumer behavior will consistently affect the demand for unique plugins and ongoing enhancements.

WordPress as a Mobile App Backend

The uptake of mobile technologies is on the rise. 58% of adults in the U.S. currently have smartphones according to the Pew Research Internet Project.
Emerging solutions such as the AppPresser plugin — a finalist in the 6 About to Break competition at MacWorld 2014 — are allowing users to create mobile apps using WordPress.
This current consumer trend towards mobile presents an opportunity for WordPress to capitalize on the shift toward mobile development.
By incorporating a RESTful application programming interface (API), current WordPress apps could be supported, as well as mobile apps that use WordPress as a backend.

WordPress as a Development Framework

WordPress has been placing a large focus on providing the best user experience possible. And, in my opinion, it has succeeded in this goal.
Moving forward, I see the concentration shifting toward evolving WordPress into a full CMS and application framework.
Right now, WordPress does a splendid job as a content publishing platform, as evidenced by its use by the major online magazines, journals, and blogs. Time magazine, CNN,, Wired, and TechCrunch are just a few examples of web properties that rely on WordPress.
However, more complicated use-cases like online stores, mobile app development, and web app development require plugins, heavy customization, and development.
The next step is to evolve the platform to make it a more robust CMS/app framework that can make more complicated use-cases easier to produce for developers.

Dealing with Legacy Code

While the system currently offers users a wide range of features and possibilities, WordPress will update its legacy code and deliver new APIs to ideally fit the needs of web developers.
If an emphasis is placed on this area, the biggest challenge will be streamlining the codebase while building a solution that ensures backwards compatibility.
Considering the first version was released over 10 years ago, achieving this objective is likely to be quite a huge undertaking.

Where WordPress Doesn’t Need to Change

The past few years of success have truly proven the knowledge, experience and passion found within the WordPress community.
We have worked together to accomplish great milestones and made the impressive strides that have advanced WordPress to become the most popular Web platform across the globe.
The WordPress community will play a large role in the continual development of the platform to best suit its users’ needs.
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How to Update Windows 8 to 8.1 Update

Windows 8.1 update is officially out and its a recommended update by Microsoft to install on all Windows 8.1 computers and RT devices. If you are already using Windows 8.1 then the update will appear from Windows update in control panel (if it’s set for automatic download and install). For Windows 8 users the update path is slightly different. Here is the step by step guide explains how to update Windows 8 to 8.1 Update.
Do we really need to update Windows 8 OS to 8.1 update? the answer would be ‘YES’.  Earlier Windows 8.1 did not bring much useful features for normal computer users, so that could have been avoided. But the current Windows 8.1 Update is really good and worth installing to get more benefits for desktop/laptop users who use computer mouse mostly. Even it will improve the performance of your computer.
Whats new in Windows 8.1 update

Steps to Update Windows 8 to 8.1 Update

1) You must install Windows 8.1 first in order to install the current update on normal Windows 8 computer. Windows 8.1 is a complete free update which can be downloaded and installed from Windows store, follow this step by step guide for it. In case if you do not see the update from Windows store, you may be runningWindows 8 enterprise version, that should be upgraded as shown in this guide.
Confirm the upgrade after installation,
Check the version
2) Open Windows update from control panel and check for latest updates. You will find severalupdates for Windows 8.1 32 or 64 bit (depending on the installed version). The actual Windows 8.1 Update is KB 2919355 around 800Mbif you do not see this update number, nothing to worry. Download and install other important Windows updates (make sure KB 2919442 is listed out which required for KB 2919355 update) then restart the PC to take effect.
Again open Windows update and check for updates, I’m sure this time the actual number KB 2919355 around 800Mb will show up, download and install it. After the restart you will be running the latest Windows 8.1 update successfully.
The computer will directly boot into desktop mode and shutdown and search icons would appear next to user name as shown below.
Windows 8.1 update icon
Also you could notice other changes which mentioned earlier.
Windows 8.1 users must install latest KB 2919355 to get further security updates from Microsoft, therefore its not recommended to skip this update for any reasons.

How to Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update

Even though this is a compulsory update, but incase if its giving some trouble due to non compatibility or any issues during the upgrade process or existing applications are misbehaving then you can consider uninstalling it.
Go to Control PanelPrograms and Features select ‘View Installed Updates’ on left top corner which will list out the installed updates on your computer. Look for the update number KB 2919355 and click uninstall.
uninstall Windows 8.1 update
We expect this guide would be helpful on how to update Windows 8 to 8.1 Update and uninstall it whenever required.
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How to Save your Gmail Attachments to Google Drive Automatically

Your email messages in Gmail have attachments – images, documents, videos, etc. – and you can automatically save them all to a specific folder inside Google Drive using the Send to Google Drive. The latest version lets you specify a list of file types and only file attachments belonging to those types will be saved to your Google Drive.
If you haven’t used Send to Google Drive before, here’s how it works.
You specify a Gmail label name in the sheet and the script will scan all your existing and incoming email messages inside that label for attachments. You can say “inbox” to monitor the inbox folder, or specify a user label or say “all” to monitor every folder in your Gmail mailbox. If the script finds an attachment, the file is downloaded to your Google Drive.
You neither have to install any browser extensions nor do you have to grant access to your Gmail or Google Drive to a third-party. And since Google Drive synchronizes with your mobile device and desktop, the saved email attachments will instantly become available on all your other devices.
Save files attachments from Gmail to any Google Drive folder.
Save files attachments from Gmail to any Google Drive folder.

Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can setup the Send to Google Drive program for your Gmail account. It takes less than a minute.
  1. Click here to create a copy of the Send to Google Drive sheet in your Google Drive.
  2. Open the sheet and you should see a new Gmail Attachments menu at the top (see screenshot). Choose Authorize (Step #1) and grant the necessary permissions. This is an open-source Google Script) that runs in your own Google account and no one else will have access to any of your data.
  3. Click the Gmail Attachments menu again and select Run (step #2). Close the Google sheet and the script will begin downloading attachments from Gmail to your Google Drive in the background.
The program will monitor the specified Gmail label every five minutes and as soon as it finds a message that has attachments, it will automatically save the file(s) to a folder in your Google Drive.
Once the attachments have been saved, a new label — Processed — is applied to the Gmail message indicating that the message has been processed by the script. It saves all types of attachments but you can also specify a list of extensions separated by commas.
If you would like to stop the script later, open the same Google Sheet and choose Uninstall from the Gmail Attachments menu.

Send to Google Drive – Premium

The premium version supports even more features:
  1. Whitelist Filetypes – You can specify a list of filetypes and the script will only save attachments that are the specified type. For instance, you can say jpg,gif,png to save only image attachments or say all to save every single file attachment irrespective of the file type.
  2. Nested Google Drive Folders – You can choose to save email attachments in a single folder or specify sub-folders per Gmail label. For instance, say \\Main Folder\\Sub Folder to save files in the sub folder under the main folder.
  3. Nested Gmail Labels – It can monitor Gmail messages that are under nested Gmail labels or folder.
  4. Monitor Multiple Labels – While the free version only supports one Gmail label, the premium version can help you save email attachments from one or more Gmail labels.
  5. Google Drive Organized – The free version dumps all Gmail attachments to one Google Drive folder while the premium version organizes them in sub-folders thus keeping your Drive cleaner and more organized.
  6. Premium Support – You can opt for the $49.99 edition for instant support.

Refer to this PDF Manual to know more about the premium version. Should you be interested, use the PayPal button to upgrade.
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

8 Business Principles that Last a Lifetime

Some business tenets tend to come and go. A company I worked for started a number of "game-changing" transformational programs only to quickly airbrush them out of our corporate history like a disgraced Politburo member so we could start yet another "business-critical" program.
We went from TQM to 5S to, shoot, I don't even remember. What I do know is that each was based on sound principles... but those principles tended to die with the program.
Fortunately I found some business principles I can follow forever. These are some of my favorites:
1. Focus on collecting knowledge...
Competing is a fact of professional life: with other businesses, other products, other people. (Business isn't a zero sum game, but it is a game we all try to win.)
Smart people win.
Smarter people win even more often.
Continually striving to gain more experience, more experience, and more knowledge is the second-best way to succeed. The best way?
2. ...And focus more on collecting knowledgeable people.
You can't know everything. But you can know enough smart people so together you know almost everything. And, together, you can do almost anything.
Work hard on getting smarter. Work harder on getting smart people on your side.
3. Give before receiving.
The goal of networking is to connect with people who can provide a referral, help make a sale, share important information, serve as a mentor, etc. When we network, we want something.
But, especially at first, never ask for what you want. Forget about what you want and focus on what you can give. Giving is the only way to establish a real relationship and a lasting connection. Focus solely on what you can get out of the connection and you will never make meaningful, mutually beneficial connections. (If it's not mutually beneficial it's not a connection; it's a relationship where someone is getting used.)
Approach networking as if it's all about them and not about you, and you will soon build a network that feels the same way. Then you'll make more than just contacts.
You'll make friends.
4. Look past the messenger and focus on the message.
When people speak from a position of position of power or authority or fame, it's tempting to place greater emphasis on their input, advice, and ideas. Warren Buffett? Yep, gotta listen to him. Sheryl Sandberg? Yes. Richard Branson? Absolutely.
That approach works to a point--but only to a point. Really smart people strip away all the framing that comes with the source--both positive and negative--and evaluate information, advice, and input idea based solely on its merits.
When Branson says, "Screw it; just do it and get on with it," that's powerful. When the guy who delivers your lunch says it, shouldn't it be just as powerful?
Never discount the message because you discount the messenger. Good advice is good advice--regardless of the source.
5. Always work on next.
It's impossible to predict what will work, much less how well it will work. Some products stick--for a while. Some services flourish--and then don't. Some ventures take off--and flame out. Some careers thrive--and then don't.
You will always need a next: a new product, a new service, a new customer or connection, a new job or even career...
No matter how successful you are today, always have a next in your pipeline. If somehow your current career or business continues to thrive, great: You will still have created a bigger pipeline of potential positions or products or customers.
Always having a "next" is how successful people weather the storm when times are tough... and grow even more successful when business is booming.
6. Eat as many of your words as you can.
When you look back, one of the best things to be is wrong because when you make a mistake you are given the chance to learn. (If you're always right you never really grow.)
Don't worry. Every successful person has failed numerous times. Most have failed more than you--that's why they're so successful today.
Own every mistake, every miscue, and every failure. Say you made a mistake. Say you messed up. Say it to other people, but more importantly, look in the mirror and say it to yourself.
Then commit to making sure that next time you'll make things turn out differently.
7. Always turn ideas into actions.
The word "idea" should be a verb, not a noun, because no idea is real until you turn that inspiration into action.
Ideas without action aren't ideas; they're regrets.
Every day we let hesitation and uncertainty stop us from acting on our ideas. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure are what stop me, and may be what stops you, too. Think about a few of the ideas you've had, whether for a new business, a new career, or even just a part-time job. Many of those ideas would have turned out well if you had given them your best effort.
Trust your analysis, your judgment, and your instincts. Trust them more than you currently do. And definitely trust your willingness to work through challenges and roadblocks.
Granted you won't get it right all of the time... but when you let an idea stay an idea, you almost always get it wrong.
8. Check out squirrel nests.
Yeah, we're hyper-focused. Yeah, we've got our head down and our blinders on. Yeah, we're 24/7, take no prisoners, failure is not an option gals and guys.
But occasionally we all need to lighten up.
Take me. There are acres of woods behind our house. It's like squirrel paradise. They're always leaping from tree to tree and scampering across the deck.
When the leaves fall their nests are visible high up in the trees. I've seen nests for years and wondered what they're made of (besides leaves) and how many squirrels share a nest. One day I stopped wondering and took a break to check it out.
Kinda dopey? Sure. But it was a fun five minutes that made me appreciate my squirrel friends a little more--and sent me back to work with a little extra oomph.
Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Explore. Take occasional breaks and indulge a curiosity. Once in a while, take the time to learn a little about whatever your "squirrel nests" might be.
It's fun... and we can always use a little more of that.
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Popular Funny Websites in Top 10

Are you boring? :( I’ve great idea for you to fresh your mood. you are reading this article it means you have computer which is already connected with Internet. so, you have computer and internet then you do not have to worry about your boredness. Just check out these top 10 most popular funny websites that will make you laugh :D
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1) - 9Gag is most popular funny website for funny images.In this website users can find and share funny images on social media sites. it was launched in 2008 and gained popularity in no time. The site gets around one billion monthly page views.
2) - Break is one of the leading funny website where you can find funny videos, pictures, games etc. it was founded in 1998. one good thing on this website is that it allows users to upload funny videos and picture and it has also revenue sharing program where users can make money by uploading funny materials.
3) - Cracked is also one of the most visited website in the world and there you can find funny articles, images, videos etc. it was founded on 2007 by Jack O’Brien. now cracked is owned by Demand Media.
4) - One the of the most popular funny site where you can find funny images, videos, games, music and much more. it also allow users to upload funny content.
5) - Collegehumor is a great humor website where people can find comedy materials like -funny photos, funny videos, interesting links and articles and much more. collegehumor was founded by josh abramson and Ricky Van Veen in 1999.
6) - Funnyjunk is a great entertainment website where people can find great funny stuffs such as – funny pictures, videos, music etc. it was founded in 2001.
7) - Fialblog is also one of the most popular funny picture and videos website. users can upload funny content on this site. and it was launched in 2008 by Leechio.
8) - Comedycentral is one of the leading humor website where users can find best fun materials such as funny shows, videos, clips, funny episodes and much more. (Commedycentral is an american TV channel that shows comedy programs.)
9) - Funnyordie is also one of the best place for fun stuffs like videos, pictures, words, jokes, podcast and much more. funnyordie allows users to upload and share funny content with their friends on social networking sites. this was launched in 2007.
10) - One of the most visited humor website. where you can find funny pictures, video clips and other funny materials. it also allows users to upload and share funny pictures and videos even user can also blog and post funny content in Jokeroo forums.
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Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Charge For Web Design Work – 7 Tips and Strategies

Knowing how much to charge your clients can be really hard if you are a freelancer and especially if you are inexperienced. Setting the price too low may show that you don’t value your work very much and also you won’t feel motivated to create beautiful projects. Also, a very high price means that you may lose clients or have less than usual, and thus, financial problems may appear.

We’ve done some research for you and found out what are the best pricing strategies and tips for you to apply on your projects. Hope they will help you earn more and have more clients!

Charge Clients According to Their Value

For example, if you are asked to create a 10-page website for two different clients, would you charge them the same amount of money? Well, if you think that the amount of work and time spent is the same, you may tend to charge them the same; but it is very important to also consider how important is the website for your client. If website you create will be non-profit or if it will bring a significant amount of monthly profit to your client, are two things that define the value of a website. So, if the website you design is for an important client/company, charge more!

Give Your Client Multiple Options

When creating the price offer always give your client multiple options. For example, you can create ‘packages’: website design + website development = Price 1 | website design + website development + SEO = Price 2, and so on. This way your client will choose the option that suits him best. You can also include offers and discounts for larger packages, in order to make the client choose the most expensive option.

Bundle your fees

When creating the price offer for your client, tell him exactly what services he will receive and at the end of the offer specify the final price with discounts, if any. A well structured price offer is very important in this business.

Emphasize on Time Saving

The lowest price isn’t always the winning choice when it comes to selling products and services. Most of the time, the deadlines are just as important. Emphasize on the fact that you never missed a deadline and also that you’ll manage to finish the project in a short amount of time.

Create a High Quality Portfolio

Experience is one of the most important elements of defining a project’s price. As you’ll get more experienced in this domain, you’ll also attract better clients with higher funds and get to work on bigger projects. Once you’ve created a high quality portfolio, you can start charging more for your work.

Choose Your Words Wisely

When creating a price offer, the way you write it is very important. Some apparently insignificant words can make a huge difference! Words like “small”, “low” before price/fee/money have a great psychological impact on your clients.

Don’t Decrease Your Price

Once you’ve set up a fee for the project, don’t decrease it just because the client think it may be too much. This shows lack of confidence and the inability of valuing your own work. Yes, sometimes you may lose clients because of this but you should think that it is better this way. The client most likely wasn’t suited for you. You also have the right to pick your clients, not only just the other way around.

To sum up, here’s a great infographic which will help you better understand the techniques to land more clients with persuasive fees:

pricing technique freelancers infographic


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Thursday, July 11, 2013

20 Websites with Amazing Textured Design Elements

Website designs with textured elements are very eye-catching and inspire a certain attention to details, which makes them stand out from the crowd. As a designer, you have to be extra careful when using textures in websites, because you don’t want to over do it. To help you out, we’ve selected 20 great examples of using textures in web design, and we hope they will inspire you in creating awesome projects!

Even more, of you want to add some cool, high quality, free textures to your collection, check out these 100+ High Resolution Textures to Use as Website Backgrounds.

Trailer Park Truck

Trailer Park Truck

Trailer Park Truck is a Los Angeles based Food Truck serving hamburgers and delicious grilled food down home style. They have a really nice website with bold, large typography and vintage graphics. 

The Soup Peddler

The Soup Peddler texture website design

The Soup Peddler delivers soup in recyclable containers via bicycle. Includes profiles of recent soups, tips on integrating cycling into daily lifestyle, and links to slow food. Their website is friendly, comfy and has some really nice textured graphics with cute, handwritten fonts.

The Ship and The Sea

The Ship and The Sea texture website design

This website’s purpose is to feature the Autumn Film latest album. The background is a beautifully painted and also, the overall graphics blend nicely together.

Team Fannypack

Team Fannypack texture website design

From its humble beginnings as a joke, Team Fannypack grew to become one of the most awesome teams to participate in the Salt Lake City Multiple Sclerosis walk. Their website has a unique design, all info is structure on only one page, designed to look like a vintage newspaper.



StockdeRock is an event planning company. Their website has a dark, grungy feel, with beautiful paper textured elements. Want more event planning websites? Check out these Top 20 Wedding Photography and Event Planning Website Templates & Themes.

Sand and Starfish

Sand and Starfish texture website design

Sand and Starfish is a blog about cooking, sewing and making fun crafts. The design seems a bit crowded but all the graphic elements go very well together and create a beautiful, unique blog.

Quince Bistro

Quince Bistro

Quince Bistro is a mid Town Bistro located in Toronto, Canada. Their website is simple, minimalist and has some really nice background textures.

Pulp Fingers

Pulp Fingers

Pulpfingers is a human sized team of developer and designers devoted to create beautiful, useful, features packed apps for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Notorious Design

Notorious Design

Notorious Design - the portfolio of Victoria Burrows. It has some grungy textures and really nice typography. It’s definitely a great source of portfolio design inspiration.

Mother Earth Brewing

Mother Earth Brewing texture website design

Born in the summer of 2008, Mother Earth is the dream-child of Stephen Hill and Trent Mooring, two guys from Kinston, North Carolina, a sweet southern town in the heart of the old tobacco belt.



Monkeynuts - Steak House / Wine Bar is located in Crouch End, North London. Their website is simple and has a really nice background wood texture.

Me in Motion

Me in Motion texture website design

These guys have an amazing website! It may be Flash, but it loads fast and it’s interactive. You can spray paint the background!

Maryland Craft Beer Festival

Maryland Craft Beer Festival texture website design

The Brewers Association of Maryland (BAM), founded in 1996, is the non-profit trade association of Maryland brewing companies.

Maggie Taylor

maggie taylor texture website design

Maggie Taylor is a digital image artist and photographer working in Gainesville, Florida who uses a flatbed scanner in place of a traditional camera. The website is designed with Flash and has beautiful graphic elements.

La Masa Mimatta

lamasamimatta texture website design

This is a beautifully designed catering/food website with some really nive vintage textured elements,


Jumbalaya texture website design

Jambalaya is a fast paced word game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The websit is simple and has a layout typical to app featuring, but what makes it special is the use of wood textures.

Duplos by Ricardo Mestre

Duplos by Ricardo Mestre texture website design

Ricardo Mestre’s online portfolio – this website will amaze you with its wonderful graphics and well chosen textures.

Dearest Nature

Dearest Nature

Launched on the first day of Spring 2012, Dearest Nature is the design blog by Donaville Herrick, where you can expect to find carefully curated and wonderfully created content inspired by nature.

Dan Conaway

Dan Conaway

Dan Conaway is an advertising, branding, creative strategy and communications consultant in Memphis, and the region’s most recognized copywriter.



Code23 are a group of interactive individuals determined to make a difference to your brand and create staggering online work for their clients.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

100+ Free High Resolution Textures to Use as Website Backgrounds

Textured websites are really appealing and with the proper textures you can create some interesting effects. We’ve searched the web for the best, free, high resolution texture packs, for you to use as background in you website designs. You’ll find here wood, fabrics, vintage, metal textures and more! You can use these high quality textures in a big variety of ways. Feel free to use these textures in your commercial or personal design, art, illustration and photography projects, but don’t sell or redistribute the source files without our permission.

Colored Vintage Paper Texture Pack - 20 textures

Colored Vintage Paper Textures

This free set of 20 vintage/aged paper textures contains textures that are each 3600x3600px in size, high-resolution, and in JPG format.

Wood Grain Texture Pack - 6 textures

Wood Grain Texture Pack

This texture pack includes 6 high-resolution textures for you to use in your personal and commercial projects.

6 high quality seamless paper textures

6 high quality seamless paper textures

This is a  a set of high-quality seamless paper textures. These textures are completely tileable and work perfect for web backgrounds and twitter backgrounds.

10 free high res watercolor textures

10 free high res watercolor textures

This is a set of beautiful watercolor textures. It contains a nice variety of different styles, from very subtle ones to the heavier, grungier ones.

5 High Resolution Grungy Paper Textures

5 High Resolution Grungy Paper Textures

This is a complete set of 5 free high resolution grungy paper textures, for all you grungy website lovers.

9 High Resolution Metal Surface Textures

9 High Resolution Metal Surface Textures

This texture pack contains 9 high resolution metal surfaces. There are a couple of really good ones in this bundle!

20 High-Res Subtle Grunge Painting Textures

20 High-Res Subtle Grunge Painting Textures

This set contains 20 grungy painting textures + 15 High-Res Subtle Grunge Painting Texture Brushes.

Elysium Texture Pack - 10 textures

Elysium Texture Pack

This set contains 10 vintage fabric textures with pastel colors in high resolution.

Dark Wood Texture Pack - 11 textures

Dark Wood Texture Pack

This textures bundle contains 11 awesome, high quality wood textures you can use in your dark themed website dsigns.

Wood Texture Pack – 3 textures

Texture Pack Wood

This set contains 3 wood textures with different resolutions and details.

Paper Bag Texture Pack - 5 textures

Paper Bag Texture Pack

This set contains 5 paper textures with high quality, which can be used as a website background for grungy websites.

Creased Fabric Set 14 Free Hi-Res Textures

Creased Fabric Set 14 Free Hi-Res Textures

There’s textures of wool, cotton, denim jeans, synthetics and cloth so everyone should find something that they like. All images are and incredible 3008px by 2000px large.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

20 Really Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers

We’ve compiled a list with 20 infographics and cheatsheets to help you be mre productive in your design process. From Adobe keyboard shortcuts cheatsheets, to typography and logo infographics, these will surely help you get better at what you do. Learn what makes up a great logo, how to combine colors, use Photoshop shortcuts and more, with these awesome and useful infographics!

Want more? Check out these 8 Tools for Creating Beautiful Infographics10 Great Tips For Effective Infographics and 10 Creative and Useful HTML5 Infographics.

iOS and Android Design Cheatsheet

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers ios cheatsheet

In order to make app designing a lot easier, the guys from Kinvey made this very useful cheatsheet for both iOS and Android. Check out the full infographic on their website.

The Psychology of Color

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers colors

A very important element which is also commonly overlooked by some designers, is the influence of colors on a website’s visitors. Learn more by checking out this infographic.

Color Emotion Guide

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers logo colors

When designing a logo for your business, it is very important to take into account the way people react to the color. Find out what kind of emotions will your logo inspire.


Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers rgb vs cmyk presents an infographic weighing the pros and cons of using both RGB versus CMYK color codes in the printing process.

Flyer Size Guide

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers flyer size guide

This is a very useful cheatsheet for print designers. Print it and stick it to your desk wall.

Paper Sizes In Graphic Design

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers paper dimensions

Find out all about paper sizes in graphic design. Very useful for beginners and it is also free to download!

How To Design A Unique And Unforgettable Logo

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers logo

Great infographic which shows you the main principles of designing a creative, unique logo. Useful for graphic designers!

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers fonts

Beginner? Find out what are the top 10 fonts web designers love most and why! Learn how to choose beautiful, high quality fonts for your website design project.

Typography Infographic

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers typography

CreativeMarket brings the typographic history, usage & character to life! This infograhic shows the great history of typography. It’s helpful for beginner print and graphic designers!

What Makes A Good Logo

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers good logo

In this infographic you’ll see how famous logos were analyzed in order to discover what makes a good logo? Color, fonts..? Find out!

Elements of Design 

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers elements of design

Discover what are the elements of design with this cool infographic, which also has downloadable .jpg and .eps files!

Principles of Design

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers principles of design

Print-ready principles of design infographic which comes in two color choices, light and dark!

Adobe Flash Keyboard Shortcuts

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers flash

Become more productive by using these awesome Flash keyboard shortcuts!

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers illustrator shortkeys

Want to know all the shortcuts in Illustrator? Learn to use them with this awesome cheatsheet!

InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers indesign shortkeys

Save time by using these cool Indesign keyboard shortcuts. Projects will become a lot easier now!

InDesign CS6 Tools Panel Cheatsheet

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers indesign

New to Indesign? Get a quick introduction to its tools panel with this cheatsheet.

 Pen Tool Technique

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers pen tool technique

Using pen tool can be a little difficult for beginner designers. Learn how to use it properly with this great Adobe cheatsheet!

Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers photoshop keyboard shortcuts

So useful! The best PS keyboard shortcuts for faster work, delivered in a nice, creative format!

Photoshop CS6 Brush Guide

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers photoshop

Learn all about Photoshop CS6 brushes, with this helpful cheatsheet.

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